Stoneman surfboards are “Made on the Central Coast.”

What does that mean?

It means that every Stoneman board is handmade by me in my shaping barn in the golden hills above Cayucos, where I try to surf daily.  

My surfboards aren’t shaped in sweatshops in Thailand. They’re not made by computer robots and finished by cheap labor in communist China. They’re not shipped 8,000 miles to U.S. ports by freight tankers that use bunker fuel and dump foul ballast water just off our local waters.

My boards are crafted right here in Central California, and I try and keep everything as local as I can. My foam cores are created in California by U.S. Blanks at their solar-powered factory in Los Angeles.

After designing and hand shaping a few boards, I then take them down to one of the local glass shops between San Luis Obispo and Ventura, where they’re treated like the small-batch boutique creations they are. My laminates and stickers are made by Silkworm Screenprinting in Ventura, and the fins and boxes are made by Future fins in Southern California… if not True Ames in Goleta, Calif.

I’ve been working at this business for 20 years, and feel a responsibility to the surf community, my customers, and my supply chain to make the best, homegrown product possible. I love the folks I deal with and know most of them extremely well because this is an old school, American business. I have watched many foreign-made, mass-produced surfboard companies come and go over the years. They are well funded and put together business plans that rely on cheap labor, cheap overseas shipping, and unsophisticated buyers who respond to high fluff marketing. Like I said, I’ve seen them come and go and I am still here…still making surf boards, one at a time with the utmost care.

I live here, surf here, and put my knowledge and care into every board I make. Quality craftsmanship you can pass on is important to me. I’m only interested in making the most durable, yet high performance surfboards we can. Boards are glassed to customer specs ⁠— no corners are cut and no laps are over sanded. I stand behind my work and want to love your next board…even more than you do.  

So why wouldn’t you buy a local, handshaped board that’ll be in your quiver forever? A board made for your size, surfing style and home waters?

Where you surf matters, and so does where (and how) your board was made.

Have a question about what goes into Stoneman Surfboards, or want to discuss an idea for your next board?

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