Founded on passion in crafting hand-shaped surfboards chasing that perfect ride


Shaping surfboards first began as a hobby and the thrill of creating a completely unique board for a completely unique feeling 


LABEL: Stoneman Surfboards
KNOWN FOR: "Listening intently to customers and then makeing clean and practical shapes." 
INFLUENCES: "Cole Simler and Midget Smith." 
PHILOSOPHY: "Be the human you think the universe needs." 
FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE CENTRAL COAST: "The wild, open spaces and the calssic characters that live here." 
QUIRKY FACT: "I have a million hobbies so I'm never bored. Playing and recording music, landscape painting, gardening, cribbage and yoga."

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What does a custom shape cost?

Custom shapes start at 500 with future fins or 480 without. Obviously, as the length and cost of the materials go up, the cost will increase… for instance, a 10 foot five fin gun will cost you 700… or a 10 foot longboard with 2” balsa stringer and a gloss polish will cost you 850…etc. For a detailed price, contact me.


How long does it take?

Turnaround on all custom shapes is approx 6 weeks.  Turnaround is largely dependent on blank availability and delivery schedule, seasonal rush in board orders, and backlog at glassing facilities.


How does ordering a custom board work?

Once I receive a 200 deposit I will contact you via email and set up a time to either call or meet up and discuss your board. In preparation to this meeting my customers have time to organize their thoughts on the custom design and bring in any airbrush ideas, sketches, and color swatches to ensure satisfaction.


Do you ever use CNC designs?

I generally hand shape all custom boards but some of my designs have been digitally scanned from magic boards and really work well off the computer…especially the Stonefeesh, Rally Racer, and the Skater.


Can I come watch you shape my board?

Maybe. If its really something you want to see and be a part of then yes you can watch me make your board provided you can be there during my work hours, which are generally 9 am-2:30 pm weekdays. Sometimes I work weekends too but often I prefer to go surfing and/or be with my family.


Do you make SUPs?

Sure. I make any craft that surfs on waves…knee boards, belly boards, fish, guns, funboards, etc…except I don’t build goat boats (not that there’s anything wrong with goat boats). SUPs start at 1500.


Can I get color on the board?

Yes, there are many options--colored foam, airbrush, tints, pinlines, etc. The more detailed artwork will cost more.


Do longboards come with fins?

No, they do not. If you’d like me to buy you the fin that I think would be best suited to the design then I am happy to do that and will add the cost to your total.  


Can you put this artwork/picture of my kid on the board?

Probably, but I’m not sure where you got this paper and how the ink will react to polyester resin so, while it will probably look great, there’s always a chance it will run and turn into a big blog of mess under the cloth. If you like that disclaimer then lets try it.


Do you use EPS and epoxy construction?

Not usually. I’m not anti epoxy but I do prefer the feel of shaping and riding polyurethane blanks.  I would probably use eps/epoxy for a SUP.