quad fins… size, flow, and bite….

Like a lot of board makers, I make a lot of quad and five fin boards for folks. Yet I still have a few customers that never got the hang of riding quads. They just seem to have it in their heads that quads won't feel right for them no matter who shaped it. This always drives me crazy and makes me want to shape them one right away, hand them two sets of quad fins to try, and a ticket to the Mentawai Islands. If I was rich enough to do that they would definitely find some quad love… I am sure of it.

All I'm trying to say is that its fin size and the amount of bite you feel from the applied surface area that makes everything feel either "right" or "wrong" on any board. Since the days of glass on fins are far gone and past, everyone should by now have at least two or tree good sets of fins to use on their quiver--and don't for a second read the "if you weigh 'x' then ride 'y' fins"….B.S. If anything, I say go extreme. Get a huge set of fins and a small set of fins.

For instance…I weigh 163 and have been having fun with a Big green Jordy Futures fins in the front mixed with small 3.4" plastic fins in the back--this set works really well on quad step ups and short boards when the waves are good and you need to turn at high speed. Or I've been doing the exact opposite if its smaller and crappier surf--F4's (smallish) in the front with Ea quad rears(biggish)--more drive and speed creation for short board and fish.

Don't ever assume that your board is stiff and can't be changed with a new set of fins…or conversely to loose and not drivey enough. Buy a new set of fins…take charge, make a note of what works for you, and go shred. Just my 2 cents on fins and quads…. more opinions and random thoughts later.